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Profile of lachsen

Name: Felix Klein male
Age: 39 years
Location: Saarbrücken, Germany
Language skills: German (Native )
English (Advanced )
Japanese (Beginner )
registered since 1. April 2011

Exercise list created by lachsen

Kanjidamage On-Reading
Kanjidamage Meaning
From Kana to Kanji
Felix's personal lesson

Exercises created by lachsen

On-Reading 2. Oberstufe I
Meaning 2. Oberstufe I
Oberstufenkurs - Hoeflichkeit, Respect, Bescheidenheit
On-Reading Oberstufenkurs Klausur I
Meaning Oberstufenkurs Klausur I
On-Reading Oberstufenkurs X
Meaning Oberstufenkurs X
On-Reading Oberstufenkurs IX
Meaning Oberstufenkurs IX
On-Reading Oberstufenkurs VIII
Meaning Oberstufenkurs VIII
On-Reading Oberstufenkurs VII
Meaning Oberstufenkurs VII
Oberstufenkurs Teil IV
On-Reading Oberstufenkurs VI
Meaning Oberstufenkurs VI
On-Reading Oberstufenkurs V
Meaning Oberstufenkurs V
Oberstufenkurs Teil III
On-Reading Oberstufenkurs IV
Meaning Oberstufenkurs IV
Oberstufenkurs Teil II
On-Reading Oberstufenkurs III
Meaning Oberstufenkurs III
Oberstufenkurs Teil I
Meaning Oberstufenkurs II
On-Reading Oberstufenkurs II
On-Reading Oberstufenkurs I
Meaning Oberstufenkurs I
Kun Readings 201-400
On-Reading 201-250
Meaning 201-250
On-Reading 151-200
Meaning 151-200
New Jukugo
On-Reading 101-150
Meaning 101 - 150
Kun-Readings 1-200
Meaning 51-100
On-Reading 51-100
Kanjidamage On-Reading 1-50
Meaning 1-50
Important Words
Counting words
Nouns #4
Question Words
Verbs #5
Modifying words
Nouns #3
Guessing, too much, easy to do, hard to do
Please don't... You must not... I must... Can I...
Verbs #5
Even though..., Thanks to..., Because of...
Nouns #2
Counting Flat Objects
Counting Machines
Counting Compact Paper
Counting Pairs
Counting Long Objects
Counting Liquid
Counting animals
Counting People
Counting Generic
Verbs #4
Nouns #1
Easy Sentences #2
Verbs #3
About time
Verbs #2
Easy Sentences
Question Words
Important Words
Direction and Orientation
Buildings & Locations
Food related vocables
Important Words (OLD)
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