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Nouns #1

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English Japanese
park こうえん
deer しか
pflaume うめ
glasses めがね
chair いす
review ふくしゅう
weather てんき
cooking, cuisine りょうり
Work, Job しごと
sky そら
room へや
home いえ
culture ぶんか
snacks/sweets おかし
crow からす
sun たいよう
rain あめ
cold (illness) かぜ
umbrella かさ
tea ちゃ
shop, store みせ
pen ぺん
pc こんぴゅーた
phone でんわ
cup こっぷ
bag かばん
shoes くつ
sweater せーたー
scissors はさみ
clock とけい
chop sticks はし
cell phone けいたい
customer きゃく

Nouns #1
Felix's personal lesson
34 words, created by lachsen
Difficulty level: for beginners
Created on: 23. May 2011
Last edited: 2. June 2011
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