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English Japanese
quiet (な) しずかな
strange (な) へんな
various (な) いろいろな
beautiful (な) きれいな
free (nothing to do) (な) ひまな
cheerful (な) げんきな
kind (な) しんせつな
hard, terrible (な) たいへんな
noisy (な) にぎやかな
safety (な) あんぜんな
important (な) たいせつな
famous (な) ゆうめいな
like (な) すきな
hate (な) きらいな
freely (な) じゆうな
good at (な) じょうずな
not good at (な) へたな
peaceful (な) へいわな
easy (な) かんたんな
special (な) とくべつな
complex (な) ふくざつな
convenient (な) べんりな
inconvenient (な) ふべんな
needed (な) ひつような
enough (な) じゅうぶんな
dangerous (な) きけんな
regretable (な) ざんねんな
worried (な) しんぱいな
don't like (な) いやな
healthy (な) けんこうな
serious (な) まじめな
happy (な) しあわせな
raw (な) なまな

Felix's personal lesson
33 words, created by lachsen
Difficulty level: for beginners
Created on: 18. July 2011
Last edited: 11. August 2011
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