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Question Words

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English Japanese
how, in what way (polite) いかが
what, how (all kind of stuff - less polite) どう
how long, how far, how much どのくらい、どのぐらい、どれくらい、どれぐらい
what age (polite) おいくつ
which person どのひと
which book どのほん
how about いかが
when いつ
where どこ
who (less polite) だれ
what (like in "what do you eat?") なにを
how, in what way (like in "how do you get here?" no どう) なにで
from when, starting when いつから
where (like in "where do you eat") どこで
what kind of (like in "what kind of person") どんな
how (like in "how to I research that" no なに) どうやって
why (no なに) どうして
why, how (no どう) なんで
from where (like in "from where is that book") どこの

Question Words
Felix's personal lesson
19 words, created by lachsen
Difficulty level: for beginners
Created on: 28. June 2011
Last edited: 5. November 2011
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