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Nouns #2

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English Japanese
price ねだん
things もの
key かぎ
dictionary じしょ
classroom きょうしつ
big sister おねえさん
house うち
paper かみ
breakfast あさごはん
medizin くすり
illness びょうき
typhoon たいふう
match, game しあい
photos しゃしん
easy, peace of cake かんたん
difficult, hard, immense, enormous たいへん
sugar さとう
appointment まちあわせ
place, location ばしょ
face かお
nature しぜん
general, ordinary ふつう
clear weather はれ
cloudy weather くもり
voice こえ
travel, trip りょこう
work, operation (connected to task) さぎょう
math すうがく
homework しゅくだい
relative (person) しんせき
gap, space, break, interval ひま
movie えいが
school がっこう
friend ともだち
language ことば
gradually だんだん
wallet さいふ
head あたま
police station こうばん
heart こころ
seriousness まじめ

Nouns #2
Felix's personal lesson
41 words, created by lachsen
Difficulty level: for beginners
Created on: 7. June 2011
Last edited: 18. June 2011
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