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New Jukugo

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Japanese English
不安 unease (ふあん)
文字 letter (もじ)
喧嘩 fight or argue (けんか)
目立つ to stand out in a crowd (めたつ)
不幸 bad luck (ふこう)
文章 sentence (ぶんしょう)
absolute darkness (やみ)
協力 cooperation (きょうりょく)
努力 really grueling effort (どりょく)
少女 young girl (しょうじょ)
収納 storage (しゅうのう)
子孫 decendant (しそん)

New Jukugo
Kanjidamage Meaning
12 words, created by lachsen
Difficulty level: for beginners
Created on: 19. August 2011
Last edited: 3. September 2011
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