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Important Words

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English Japanese
maybe たぶん
question しつもん
for example たとえば
together いっしょ
hobby しゅみ
who (informal) だれ
who (polite) どなた
where どこ
to / till まで
person (polite) かた
when いつ
like すき
Really? (informal) ほんと
Really? (polite) ほんとうに
hate きらい
What kind of どんな
More (like more big = bigger) もっと
number one いちばん
he かれ
then それから
and (connecting sentences) それて
but でも
not really, not much あまり
not yet まだ
lots of, many (at beginning of sentence / + verb) たくさん
a little bit, few (beginning sentence / + verb) ちょっと
very (adverb) すごく
same おなじ
again また
a little bit (adverb) すこし
town, city とし
only, just (positive) だけ
only (negative) しか
must not do ならない
but (the other one) だけど
besides, also, in addition あと
of course もちろん
after that その あと
in addition, besides, other than that ほかに
toy おもちゃ
other (places & things) ほか
together with いっしょに
myself, yourself, oneself, himself, herself じぶん
etc., among other things, or something like that とか
bother (in negative sentence at beginning) わざわざ

Important Words
Felix's personal lesson
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Created on: 24. April 2011
Last edited: 31. July 2011
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