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The Greek alphabet

How you should pronounce the Greek letters
Exercise list text
Α α aplha
Β β beta
Γ γ gamma
Δ δ delta
Ε ε epsilon
Ζ ζ zeta
Η η eta
Θ θ theta
Ι ι iota
Κ κ kappa
Λ λ lamda
Μ μ me
Ν ν ne
Ξ ξ xi
Ο ο omikron
Π π pe
Ρ ρ ro
Σ σ sigma
Τ τ taf
Υ υ upsilon
Φ φ phi
Χ χ chi
Ψ ψ psi
Ω ω omega
The Greek alphabet
English Greek
Exercise list created by chrmon
Difficulty level: for beginners
Created on: 20. June 2011